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Rating:          NC17.

Summary:     While on shoreleave, Kathryn and Naomi are kidnapped by a lone

                      freedom fighter.  Kathryn makes the ultimate sacrifice to ensure

                      Naomi can escape and get back to her mother safely.  Can Chakotay

                     and the crew find her in time and if so, can Kathryn live with her

                     decision and save her relationship with Chakotay?

WARNING:   This story contains graphic material of a violent and sexual nature.

                        If you are offended by such, please do not read on.

NOTE:  I recently saw the film ‘A Stranger Is Watching’ in which Kate Mulgrew gave a wonderful performance (when does she not?) and decided to use the basic storyline for a JC story.  This film was made in 1982 and if you haven’t seen it, shame on you.  Rectify this immediately.



Kathryn Janeway smiled down at the young girl who skipped alongside her.  She loved being with the child but was always tinged with a deep sadness at the same time, that Naomi was not her own daughter.  She delighted in the fact that the girl trusted her so much and was only too willing to hold hands as they strolled in the sunshine on the planet where the entire crew was enjoying shoreleave.

This was the Captain’s fourth visit to the planet named Storia but it was the first time she had been free of negotiations and meetings and could enjoy herself and it felt good to be out of uniform.  She planned to take the following day with Chakotay, sneak off for a few hours with the man she had finally allowed into her life but today she had promised Naomi Wildman that she would show her the markets and introduce her to something she told her she would learn to love as she grew to be a woman – shopping.

Kathryn and Naomi strolled between the brightly coloured stalls of the large marketplace, chatting away and admiring the many items which caught their eye.  They laughed and joked together and played a game of ‘guess the object’s use’ with some of the stranger wares on sale. 

As Naomi took her time selecting some perfume as a gift for her mother, Kathryn gazed around them, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of what seemed to her a flourishing society.  She thought back to the trade negotiations of the previous days and remembered how relieved she had been that all their meeting had gone so smoothly.  The planet they were on was welcoming and seemed peaceful and thriving and made a change from a lot of the worlds they had visited in recent months.  As Kathryn watched Naomi make up her mind, she wished that there were more chances for the child to experience outings like this.  Despite the large adopted family she had on board Voyager and the opportunities offered by the holodeck, it was no substitute for real life.

Naomi tapped her Captain lightly on the arm and held the ornate bottle up to her for inspection.  Kathryn inhaled the scent and nodded her approval.  “Honey, your Mom is going to love that and when she’s used it all, she’ll always have a beautiful perfume bottle to use time and again.”  A big smile crossed the girl’s face with this information, the idea of a double-sided present not having occurred to her.

“Are you going to buy a present for Commander Chakotay?”  Naomi smiled and then caught herself.  “Opps, I’m not supposed to say that…”  A brief look of fright crossed the child’s features but vanished quickly when Kathryn shook her head and laughed.

“Naomi, it’s all right honey.  Everyone knows the Commander and I are in love, even though I was the last one to know it.”  Kathryn smiled and stroked Naomi’s hair, marvelling at the fact that even a month ago, the thought of having this conversation would have been unimaginable.  She couldn’t even believe she would have admitted it to herself privately, much less to anyone else.  “Come on, let’s see if we can find something for the man who has everything.”  They meandered off through the market, unaware of the figure watching their every move.

The man in question sat on the bridge twiddling his thumbs, bored beyond words.  They were maintaining a steady orbit around the planet and nothing demanded his attention, not even Tom Paris and his jokes, the pilot being off on shoreleave himself with a certain Engineer.

Chakotay checked the time again, counting off the minutes until his shift finished and he would see Kathryn again for dinner.  He was still amazed at the fact that she had finally opened her life up to him and cared nothing that the entire crew now knew they were an official couple.  His mind skipped happily down memory lane and he sighed contentedly.  Not a bad way to fill the hours.

Kathryn stood perusing some polished stones on a small stall, racking her brains for what to buy Chakotay.  She admitted she knew little about what she was looking at but the colours and patterns on the stones attracted her.  She wondered if Chakotay could perhaps carve them if they didn’t appeal to him in their present state.  She turned to ask Naomi for her opinion and a flash of fright crossed her when she couldn’t see the girl.  Her eyes scanned the crowds milling around her and then she heaved a sigh of relief when she spotted the girl talking to a tall, well built man at the end of the row of stalls.  The stones forgotten, Kathryn made her way to where the pair were and with a smile on her face, called out to the child, making a mental note to warn her of the dangers of wandering off.

“Naomi, you scared the life out of me.  I couldn’t find you….”  The smile vanished from Kathryn’s face when the saw the frightened expression on the face of her young charge.  Her eyes quickly took in the alien’s hand tightly gripping Naomi’s shoulder and the phaser like device he held, just covered by his cloak.

“Just what the hell is this?  Let her go this minute.  You…”  Out of nowhere, a hand reached out and snatched Kathryn’s comm badge from her dress and she saw that Naomi’s was missing also. 

“Captain Janeway, I would advise you to cooperate with me.  You really don’t want to be responsible for the blood of this child spilling over the streets of this market, now do you?”  Kathryn stood still, her mind racing over the situation.  The tall alien held her comm badge in his hand, enabling her to understand his words through the universal translator but still outside her reach for her to call for transport.  With his phaser pointed directly at Naomi’s head, she knew rushing the man could prove a fatal mistake and so Kathryn simply nodded her head.

“Good, that’s settled.  Now ladies, if you will both please come with me.  Captain, if you wouldn’t mind going first.”  He turned his back to the crowds who were mainly unaware of the small group anyway and let them see the weapon again.  Kathryn reached her hand down to the terrified child and smiled softly.

“It’ll be all right honey.  We’ll be fine…”  Suddenly she was shoved in the back.

“Let’s go now.  Enough of this.”  Kathryn walked slowly, checking constantly that their captor and Naomi were behind her and followed the directions she was given.  After walking for perhaps twenty minutes, they came to some parkland and Kathryn tried to remember as many landmarks as she could.  She was directed into an opening in some rocks and then they walked for perhaps another five minutes through a tunnelling system before coming to another opening with a metal door.

“Get inside.”  Kathryn ducked inside the manmade doorway and turned quickly as their captor entered behind her, his hand still tightly holding Naomi by the shoulder.  Without warning, he shoved the young girl towards a cot against the wall and when Kathryn went to her, he pulled the metal door closed behind them.

When she saw that Naomi was unhurt, Kathryn stood and moved slowly towards the man.  She saw that he was fairly heavy and a good four inches taller than her.  She knew that he was Storian, bearing the unusual mottled green colouring on his skin and the faint ridges at the sides of his face but his reason for taking them remained a mystery.

“Why have you taken us like this.  What is it you want?  We’ve done nothing…”  The alien approached her quickly and grasped her wrist then slid his arm around Kathryn’s waist, drawing her tightly to him and pulling her own arm behind her back.  His voice was a whisper.

“I ask the questions around here Captain.  Your job is to do exactly as you’re told.”  He pushed his face into Kathryn’s neck, nuzzling and biting at her.  A surge of panic shot through her as she realized what he was doing and immediately her thoughts were for the young child in the room with them.  She felt his other hand go to her breast and one of his knees press between her legs.

“Please…  please… the child…  don’t…  not in front of her…  you can have anything you want…”  He pulled back slowly and studied the woman in his grip, his hand moving from her breast to her face and he pulled at her cheeks and lips.

“Oh I know I can Captain, I know I can.”  Kathryn fought to hide the tears she felt starting and then she was propelled backwards, landing on the cot beside Naomi.  “When I get back, we can continue this.”  Without a further word on his part, the alien  left them, the heavy metal door slamming behind him and the sound of a lock clicking into place.

Kathryn immediately pulled Naomi into her arms, whispering soothing words to the child, reassuring her as best she could.  The girl managed to control her tears and she pulled back and looked at her Captain.

“Captain, what was he trying to do?  He was hurting you…”  Kathryn ran her hands over Naomi’s hair and shook her head. 

“Oh honey, he was just trying to scare me a little, that’s all.  We’ll get out of here, I promise you.  Trust me?”  The child nodded and Kathryn hugged her again.  “Well, at least we have light.  Let’s see what we can find.”  Naomi nodded eagerly, suddenly having something else to concentrate on, helping her. 

After a quick search of the room, they found a metal bar and Kathryn thought it might be strong enough to try and pry open the door to their prison.  Making sure Naomi stayed well back behind her, she used all her strength to try and lever the door.  Just as she thought she would fail and the door would never give, a faint groaning sounded and Kathryn pulled harder.  Eventually she gained some purchase and to her delight, it started to give, opening a little at a time.  Kathryn quickly dropped the bar and called to Naomi to help her pull across the heavy door.

The door opened slowly and then a little faster, only to reveal their captor standing on the other side.  Naomi jumped back in fright and Kathryn’s hands flew to her mouth.  He stepped inside, slamming the heavy metal behind him and shoved Naomi to the ground before turning on Kathryn herself.  Kathryn’s eyes flew to the girl on the floor, checking she was unhurt and then she looked to the alien advancing on her.  He grabbed her quickly, pushing her backwards towards the cot, his fist hitting the side of her head and face repeatedly, holding her in place with his other hand.  He screamed at her as he pushed her onto the cot on her back and kneeling over her, continued hitting her, words pouring from his mouth she had no hope of understanding.  As quickly as he had started on her, he got off her and Kathryn just lay there in pain and shock, her hands covering her face as she lost her battle with her tears. 

“Damn you to hell…”  Kathryn  fought to control her tears and she heard their captor muttering to himself and then small hands on her and looked to see Naomi kneeling beside her, stroking her arm.

“I’m all right honey, really I am….”  Kathryn battled with herself, knowing she needed to show strength for the young girl.  Naomi sat up on the side of the cot and studied her Captain, blood pouring from her nose and lip.  She pulled the pocket from her dress, the material ripping easily and as gently as she could, tried to clean the blood from Kathryn’s face, the gesture bringing Kathryn’s tears back.

Kathryn lay on her side on the bed when Naomi had cleaned her face as best she could and held the child to her.  They watched the alien work with a box he had on the table on the other side of the small room.

“What do you want for us?  What are we worth?”  He jerked his head up as if he’d forgotten they were there.

“That’s my business.”  He grunted to himself and resumed working on his project.

“I think we have a right to know….”  The man’s fist slammed down on the table, causing the items there to rattle.

“You have no rights.  Now shut up and let me work.  Maybe next time, I’ll use the girl for a punch bag.”  His eyes met Kathryn’s and a silent threat was passed and understood.  Kathryn lowered her eyes first, letting him know she agreed.

After perhaps fifteen minutes, their captor stood and lifted the box he had been working on and placed it into a bag.  He turned and studied the woman and girl in front of him before speaking.

“You asked so I’ll tell you.  I’m a freedom fighter, that simple.  We have men in prison here and we need them out.  I can trade you two for weapons which will help my people gain their freedom, maybe even exchange you for some of my comrades.  That’s all there is to it.”  Kathryn stared at him and felt Naomi’s eyes on her, knowing the girl understood little of what had been said.

“What has that got to do with us?  We’re strangers to your world, have no part in all this…”  His laugh met Kathryn’s ears.

“Oh Captain, don’t be so naïve.  I know your ship is supplying weapons to the Government here.  Don’t play the innocent with me…”  Kathryn swung her legs over the side of the cot.

“Voyager never trades in weapons.  We have a rule we follow, the Prime Directive, that forbids us getting involved in any…”  The Storian was going to hear none of it.

“Whatever Captain.  You can speak like that for all eternity.  Now listen, I have to go out and make arrangements, get things up and running.  This…”  He held up the bag for them to see.  “This is an explosive device which I am going to hang on the door there and I’ll arm it from the outside.  Any more attempts like that last one and you two will be in a million little pieces.  Do you understand me?”  He smiled at the horrified look on Kathryn’s face, Naomi picking up on it and looking scared.

“Oh God…please… you can’t…  you can’t leave us here with that…”  Kathryn’s hand covered her mouth and she looked down at the young girl who had ultimate trust in her.  She stood slowly and walked towards their captor.  “Look, I give you my word.  We won’t try and…”  He held the bag  up in her face.

“No, you won’t.  Oh don’t worry Captain, it’s quite safe as long as you don’t tamper with it.”  With this, he walked to the door and attached the small bag to the inside handle.  “Oh, there’s water over there if you want it.”  He then opened the door and walked out, closing it again behind him and they both heard a series of clicks as the device was activated. 

Kathryn looked around her and found several canisters containing what tasted like fresh water.  Using this to cover the fact that her thoughts were swirling, she got them both a drink and then sat with Naomi and hugged the girl tightly, telling her once more that they would get out of this.

“I promise you Naomi, I’ll get you back to your mother.  Whatever it takes, whatever the cost, I’ll get you home safe and sound.  I give you my word on that.”  Kathryn could not have known just how dear that cost would be to her.

Chakotay heaved his stiff body out of his chair and stretched.  His shift was just over and he had never been happier to see the end of a working day.  He smiled to himself knowing that Kathryn would be back shortly, probably carrying a sleeping child in her arms, young Naomi by now exhausted.  His face grew serious a minute when he thought of the relationship between the woman and girl and he knew how Kathryn yearned for a child of her own.  Many times, he had seen the sadness on his Captain’s face as she had watched Samantha Wildman play with her daughter and it pained him deeply.  Maybe now, she had a chance to find that blissful happiness for herself and Chakotay knew there would never be any other woman he would rather share that with.  Tonight perhaps over dinner, he would bring up the subject and see her reaction.  The smile came back to his face and he turned to hand command over to Tuvok but before he got the words out, they were hailed from the surface.

Voyager’s First Officer sat in the Captain’s Ready Room and closed his eyes a  moment.  His mind still had trouble understanding what the last two hours had thrown at them.  He opened his eyes and stared at the Vulcan sitting across from him.

“Just how this hell did this happen?”  He had asked the question many times but there still was no answer to it.  Tuvok watched calmly as Chakotay stood and paced again, almost wearing a hole in the carpet.

“Commander, the Storian Authorities are most apologetic.  They know the identity of this man and they are searching for him now.  There are only so many places he can have taken them.”  Chakotay stopped his pacing and rubbed his hands over his face.

“A bloody mad man, living in the past.”  Tuvok nodded.

“He was a member of the Resistance which seized power here over ten years ago.  Apparently on occasions, he believes the war is still ongoing.  Their top doctors have treated him and each time they release him, he appears cured.  There really is very little they can do to hold him.”  Chakotay sat on the sofa and sighed deeply.

“I remember hearing of cases like this during Earth’s Second World War.  Japanese soldiers on small islands who were found years later, still believing the war was on.  Others suffered from what they called ‘shell shock’, heard things.  It was never as bad as this though.  Have they no idea….?”  Tuvok shook his head.

“There were many hideouts the Resistance used during that time.  Most people have long forgotten the war or where they hid.  Many others are dead.”  Chakotay just shook his head.

“Can’t they alert the public to be on the lookout for him?  Haven’t they got media services?  Isn’t there…”  Tuvok stood and came over to join his Commander on the sofa, a rare gesture of support.

“Most people are at work at present.  They have media bulletins in the evening time.  There will be full information given then.  In the meantime, they keep searching.”  Chakotay stood again and stared out the window, down at a planet that held the woman he loved and a young child he cared deeply for.

“He sent a list of demands?”  Tuvok sighed too.

“Weapons, release of prisoners, demands that we stop supplying the Government…”  Chakotay turned to look back into the room.

“Can’t they go along with him, give him the ‘prisoners’.  I mean these people would be free now…could play along…”  Tuvok looked at the distraught man before him.

“Some are.  The rest however, are dead.  Most were killed in the fighting at the time.  Commander this man lives in the past.  There is nothing rational about him and yet by the very nature of his delusions, he can also be extremely rational and therefore most dangerous.  I believe it is best to let the Government here try and find him first.  It is their territory and they know this situation better than we ever could.  They even have some men who fought alongside him, who knew his way of thinking, helping with the searches.”  Chakotay shook his head.

“You’re right, as usual.”  He saw the Vulcan raise his eyebrow and smiled, barely.  “How’s Sam taking things?”  The Vulcan looked down at the floor a moment.

“She’s extremely upset to say the least.  She has however, the utmost confidence in the Captain and in this crew.”  Chakotay nodded.

“I’ll call by and see her anyway.”  Needing to escape from the room where Kathryn spent so much of her time, he almost ran out the door.

Kathryn lay back on the cot and held Naomi to her.  They talked constantly, Naomi delighted to be speaking to her Captain in this way, learning about her life and childhood, and Kathryn using the conversation to keep the young girl’s mind off their situation.  Sometimes they were quiet for short periods and during these times, Kathryn planned and thought, desperate to find any way to get this girl back to her mother.

“Naomi?  Honey, are you awake?”  The young girl moved in Kathryn’s arms.

“I’m awake Captain.  I won’t fall asleep on you.”  A yawn followed this and Kathryn smiled despite the gravity of their situation.

“Honey, listen to me now.  I have to talk ship’s business with you.  This is Captain and Captain’s Assistant’s stuff OK?”  Naomi was instantly alert.

“Yes Ma’am.”  The child sat up and her face was deadly serious.  Kathryn fought to keep her own face straight but the thought of what she needed to get over to the child sobered her.

“Naomi, I need you to listen to me very carefully now.  Take in every word I say and remember it all.”  The small head nodded.  “When he comes back or at some other time, if there’s a chance for you to get out that door and run, I want you to take off like the wind, do you understand me?”  The girl’s eyes grew huge.

“Leave you here?  Abandon the Captain?  I can’t…”  Kathryn hugged the child to her.

“Naomi, I’m giving you a direct order and you MUST follow that order.  If I can distract him in any way, I want…I need you to get out of here and get help.  Try and find a Security Officer and get in touch with the ship.  Naomi, you have to do this.  Please promise me…”  Tears flowed from the child’s eyes but she nodded her agreement then threw her arms around Kathryn’s neck.  Kathryn fought her own tears and hardened herself.

“Listen honey, I need to go over the way out with you.  Can you remember how we got here?”  Naomi nodded her head and described the route they had taken to the tunnels and into the room where they were now.  Her attention to detail amazed Kathryn, the child having noticed some things that Kathryn herself had not seen.

“Oh honey, that’s so good.  You’re better than I am at this.  You’ll have my job before I know it.”  This earned her a smile and she hugged the girl again.  “When I give you the signal or nod to you or even if you see a chance on your own, you go.  I’ll be fine.”  Kathryn saw the child’s tears start again and hardened her voice.  “Naomi, you have to follow orders, we all do, no matter how hard they are.  I need you to get help if you can and send that help back here.  Tell them where I am and then get back to your mother.  Do you understand all that?”

“Yes Ma’am”  Kathryn watched as Naomi dried her eyes and nodded.

“Good girl.”  They slipped into silence again, Kathryn praying that they would get a chance to put their plan into action.

Brel Reedol, freedom fighter, made his way slowly through the market, now almost deserted and kept his face well covered.  Everywhere he looked, he saw snipers taking up position and in between, his own men taking them out.  They would win this war, he felt sure of it, and now with his hostages, he could bargain for much needed weapons and perhaps get some of their men freed. 

The noise of the weapons discharge all around him made him hurry towards the old park and he kept his body pressed closely to the wall.  He heard a noise behind him and turned back, the small animal which ran across his path taking on the form of one of his men.  “Good for you Daal, go to it.”  Brel caught himself and whispered more softly.  “Go men, get them all.”

He turned back and made his way into the park, his foot catching on one of the many tree roots which grew above the ground.  He fell heavily, his head hitting a stone on the ground and with lightening agility was back on his feet, seeking the enemy in the darkness, the one who had failed to keep him down.  His hand went to his face and he felt something warm and wet on his hand.  “Is that all you can throw at me?  Cowards, you won’t find me.”  He laughed quietly to himself and entered the tunnels to get back to his hostages.

The cut on Reedol’s head was bleeding and flowed into his eye as he came to the metal door.  At the last minute, he remembered to deactivate his bomb and then he pulled open the door.

Kathryn sat up immediately when she heard the series of clicks that told her the device was being made safe.  She watched as the door opened and their captor came through the door.  She saw the cut on his head at once and noticed that he was somewhat confused.  Kathryn held Naomi’s hand as they watched the alien man stumbled a little into the room, the door behind him forgotten for the moment.  Kathryn looked quickly at the young girl beside her and squeezed her hand tightly, telling her that this was their chance. 

“Watch for the right minute, honey.”  Kathryn whispered quietly to Naomi and saw her nod slowly.  As their captor moved towards the table, Kathryn stood up and moved to him.  She saw his head come up and his eyes pass over her.

“Please…you’re hurt…just let me help…”  He seemed confused for a minute and then just nodded his head.  Kathryn gently took his arm and led him over to where the canisters of water were.  She saw him glance back at Naomi a few times, checking on the girl and noticed that he was starting to lose the state of disorientation which he had had about him at first. 

“Have you a piece of cloth?  Something I can clean this with?”  Kathryn kept her voice soft.  He pointed to some pieces of material on the edge of a small bench and Kathryn reached for them and dipped them in the water.  As gently as she could, she placed one hand on the side of his face and dabbed at the cut which still bled a little.  As she cleaned the area, she tried turning him so his back faced the door and spoke softly to him, telling him she was making sure there was no dirt in the cut. 

Kathryn was aware of the man’s eyes watching her face and made herself concentrate on cleaning around his wound.  She felt his arm go around her waist and forced herself to look into his eyes and smile.  Taking what he saw as encouragement, he leaned his face down into Kathryn’s neck and started kissing her.  Kathryn dropped her head onto his shoulder, her hand caressing there and looked towards Naomi.  She saw the girl half standing up from the bed and jerked her eyes towards the door, telling her to move. 

Kathryn suddenly let out a grunt of pain as she felt the alien’s teeth bite at her neck.  His head came up and he looked into her eyes again and once more, Kathryn forced a smile and ran her hand down his face.  He made to look behind him again and Kathryn did the first thing that came into her mind.  Using both hands she tore open his shirt and then grabbed his head and kissed him, fighting down the nausea that rose within her.  Suddenly both his hands were on her and she felt him tearing at the front of her dress, the light fabric giving way easily.  Her captor pulled back slightly and Kathryn was afraid he would try and look behind him again and see Naomi almost halfway to the door so she pulled at his shirt again, one hand reaching for his groin and to what she hoped was the right place for his race.

Kathryn’s eyes dropped for a moment to the man’s chest and her breath caught in her throat.  She watched horrified as two tendrils exited his nipples and made their way towards her own body.  She saw, almost in slow motion, his hands rip her bra open and the tendrils reach for her own nipples.  Kathryn fought the urge to scream and run with everything that was in her as the green tendrils attached themselves to her nipples, clamping down painfully on them and tightening on her and she cried out as she felt agonizing pin pricks spread throughout her breasts.  Her eyes suddenly locked on Naomi and she saw the horrified look on the face of the young girl as she witnessed what was happening.  Kathryn tried to block the view the child had and  freed a hand to wave her towards the door and saw that she understood.

Kathryn’s attention was again brought back to the man pressing against her and she felt his hand pull the skirt of her dress up and grip at her panties.  He ripped them away in a second and pressed her back against the table.  As his knees pushed between her legs and he pulled her dress out of the way then went to free himself, Kathryn fought desperately with herself not to struggle or fight against what was happening to her, knowing now she had to go through with this in order to give Naomi time to get free of the tunnels.  Kathryn had no expectations of surviving this, knowing that when Naomi’s disappearance was discovered, he would most likely kill her.  For now, all she could do was buy the girl as much time as she could.

Kathryn felt the man press himself to her, forcing her legs open wider and then something large pushed against her and then she was being shoved further back on the table.  She caught a last glimpse of Naomi, at the door by now and the look of shock and terror on the child’s face broke Kathryn’s heart but also gave her strength to face what was about to happen.  She used every last ounce of courage she had to smile at the child and nod at her just as she felt the man above her thrust painfully into her.  Naomi disappeared from the door and ran just as Kathryn’s scream filled the small room, as white-hot agony spread throughout her lower body.

Kathryn fell back across the table as the alien gripped her hips tightly and rammed himself repeatedly in and out of her.  Pain racked her entire body as the tendrils still attached to her breasts dug into her soft flesh and his large penis tore at her.  She felt more tendrils attach themselves to her around her clitoris and then something enter her anus but her mind wouldn’t focus to think about anything other than the pain.  She forced herself to count, trying to gauge how much time was passing, desperate to hang on until she felt Naomi had a chance to at least escape from the parkland area and find help.  Suddenly she felt him begin to falter and then he shuddered before falling over her and she felt his ejaculation fill her.  Only now did Kathryn let her tears come as she prayed that Naomi was now safe.