Stories by Katlady

Let No Man Put Asunder NC17 *** When Janeway refuses to trade technology, she and Chakotay are held captive and subjected to brutal assaults. Dealing with the aftermath almost destroys them. Is their new relationship strong enough?
The Sun Also Rises NC17 *** Can Chakotay bring Kathryn back to him as she lies in a coma, dying? Can he once again find the woman he loves, yet left?
No Greater Love Hath... NC17 *** Kathryn goes to see Chakotay one last time in the hope that he has moved on and put her apparent betrayal behind him but strong feelings are still there.
Anything For Her Crew NC17 When Chakotay and his away team are convicted without trial, Kathryn makes the ultimate sacrifice and takes their punishment for them. Can she survive?
There But For The Grace Of You NC17 Voyager is boarded by alien soldiers and Kathryn is seperated from her crew and held on the bridge. As she struggles just to stay alive, Chakotay must come up with a plan before it's too late to save them all.
The Unbearable Loneliness Of Being PG13 With Chakotay married and gone from her life, Kathryn lets go completely and becomes a recluse. Can fate still have a final card to play?
When You Still Remember Love NC17 *** With Kathryn missing and then presumed dead while on shore leave, Voyager and her crew are forced to go on without her. When they rescue a young telepath, she brings them horrifying news but hope too.
When Home Is Where The Hurt Is NC17 *** Kathryn finds herself trapped in a cruel and abusive marriage with Mark. Can Chakotay help her before it's too late?
Send In The Clowns NC17 Back home, Kathryn listens to an old song and regrets her decision not to let Chakotay into her life. As her heart breaks, something strange happens.
The Pen And The Sword NC17 Chakotay and his daughter return to the Delta Quadrant years later to find the woman who was cruelly taken from their lives.
This is a sequel to Liz Barr's wonderful 'A Life Changing Event'.
Old Ghosts, New Demons NC17 Chakotay finally finds out what has been holding Kathryn back from a relationship with him.
It Cuts Both Ways NC17 Tired of waiting for Kathryn, Chakotay pulls out of her life. Kathryn struggles by on her own and Chakotay regrets his decision but before he can do anything, Kathryn is arrested for murder on an alien planet and sentenced to be executed.
Shadows In The Darkness NC17 Kathryn is taken by slavers and forced to work in their mines. Voyager eventually manages to rescue her and the Doctor treats her life threatening injuries but far greater problems have to be faced. Before they start to address the psychological issues, Kathryn must battle the drug addiction forced upon her in the camp.
Many Ways To Say I Love You PG13 Kathryn finally finds the courage to tell Chakotay she loves him while on shore leave but misreads his reaction and runs. In her distressed state, she falls down a disused mine shaft and is badly injured. Can Chakotay and the crew find her in time?
Swings And Roundabouts NC17 Back on Earth, Voyager's crew faces a Board Of Inquiry and Kathryn and Chakotay finally find each other as he helps her through a personal crisis. Someone is watching Kathryn though and decides that she has to die so that he can keep his terrible secret.
An Eye For An Eye (Makes The Whole World Blind) NC17 *** When a crewmember loses his partner and unborn child, he blames Kathryn Janeway. Trapping her on the holodeck, he plays out his terrible revenge on her, forcing Chakotay to watch helplessly.
Second Chances PG13 Kathryn is critically injured on the bridge and Chakotay is there for her, despite years of rejection. Will she get a second chance to get it right? Told from Tuvok's, Tom's and The Doctor's POV.
Phoenix From The Ashes NC17 *** With Voyager safely returned home, Kathryn and Chakotay finally have the life they deserve but an old enemy of Chakotay's lurks close by, determined to smash that life.
For The Child (Who Is The Future Of Us All) NC17 *** While on shoreleave, Kathryn and Naomi are kidnapped by a lone freedom fighter. Kathryn makes the ultimate sacrifice to ensure Naomi can escape and get back to her mother safely. Can Chakotay and the crew find her in time and if so, can Kathryn live with the decision and save her relationship with Chakotay.
Out Of Darkness Into Light NC17 Kathryn reaches breaking point and copes with her inner pain, guilt and loneliness by self-injury. When Chakotay discovers her secret, he and the Doctor come together to help her overcome it and get her through.
No Sacrifice Too Great NC17 *** With things already strained between her and Chakotay, Kathryn finds herself blackmailed into spending the night with an alien leader in order to save her crew. Afterwards she must deal with the fallout, physically and emotionally, as Chakotay and the crew stand back, unaware that their Captain is fighting a battle she is rapidly losing.
Always Darkest Before The Dawn NC17 A crewman has an old score to settle with his Captain and 'punishes' her by making her experience a catalogue of injuries she must pass off as 'accidents'. With a bomb on board, he ensures her silence. Can Chakotay and Tuvok figure out what's going on, before it's too late.
At The End We Come To Ourselves NC17 As Kathryn and Chakotay lie dying in a crashed shuttle, they talk openly to each other about their lives and regrets. In what they believe are their last hours, they finally find each other but is it too late?
The Darkest Night NC17 *** Believing that Kathryn doesn't need him, Chakotay leaves Earth but unable to live without her, he returns only to learn that she has been killed. When an old Maquis friend tells him that she's still alive but a prisoner, Chakotay must return to his old life to try and rescue her but will there be anything left of Kathryn for him to bring back?
The Passage NC17 *** Behind her crew's back, Kathryn makes a deal with an alien leader to ensure Voyager's safe and speedy passage across his space. As Voyager travels on, following her orders and believing that she will rejoin them soon, she becomes a subject for cruel medical experiments which threaten her very life.
In Sickness And In Health NC17 Things fall apart for Kathryn on Voyager's return to Earth as Chakotay and the crew mistakenly believe she wants nothing to do with them. With her life empty, she falls back on Starfleet and is sent on a mission that goes terribly wrong. Infected with a fatal disease, she faces a lonely and painful death. Chakotay finally discovers the truth and vows to be there for her, nursing her through her final months.
To Serve Them All My Days NC17 Voyager returns home and Chakotay hopes that at last he and Kathryn can have a life together but before he gets that chance, she disappears from his life, leaving without a trace. Chakotay finally discovers her terrible secret and searches desperately for her but can he find her before it's too late.
One Short Sleep Past... NC17 With problems on a professional level between her and Chakotay and her life feeling totally empty, Kathryn spirals into a deep depression until she feels there is only one way out.
Many Rivers To Cross NC17 *** Voyager unexpectedly finds a way home, leaving Kathryn and Chakotay going their separate ways but when Kathryn is savagely attacked and raped by the brother of a dead crewmember, Chakotay comes back into her life to guide her through a slow and painful recovery.
And In The Fields The Poppies Grow NC17 Chakotay and Voyager's former crew gather for a Memorial Service on the first anniversary of their return to Earth but one face is absent, unseen for almost a year. Unable to stay away however, Kathryn hides and observes them all, unaware that she has been spotted. Only now can Chakotay finally discover the reason for her absence from all their lives.
The Stars Look Down NC17 When a trading mission goes disastrously wrong, Kathryn gives her life to save her crew, leaving shattered lives behind her. Voyager continues on without her, until an alien ship catches up with them, bringing a story which might just give hope.
Loss Of Control NC17 Kathryn returns to her quarters after a long shift, only to find herself the victim of an attack by an unidentified assailant.
And The Truth Shall Set You Free R (for violence) Voyager is boarded and the crew held by an alien race seeking their technology. Kathryn is seperated by her Senior Officers and tortured for information, the crew forced to listen to her screams. Rescue comes and as Chakotay sits with a badly injured and drugged Kathryn waiting for the Doctor, she finally tells him she loves him, leaving him unsure if she was aware of her words. The battles now, both emotional and physical, have only just begun.