Stories by Katlady

And I Will Lead You Home NC17 *** Finally home, Necheyev shows the full extent of her hate for Kathryn and presents her with a deal. Either she goes to prison or Chakotay and the crew do. Forced to announce her wish to retire and reclaim her old life, Kathryn is sent into a living hell, leaving behind a very hurt and angry Chakotay and crew, who have no idea of the sacrifice their Captain has made for them. By the time they find out, it may already be too late.
The Dearest And The Best NC17 *** When a trading mission to a misogynistic world goes disastrously wrong, the away team members are left to pick up the pieces. Despite being back on board Voyager, the threat still looms. Can Kathryn and Chakotay ever put their lives back together?
The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner NC17 *** When Naomi goes missing, it re-opens Kathryn's painful past.
Take My Hand And Walk With Me NC17 *** This story is based around the events in Repression. After Thiro's control has been broken, the crew try to return to normal, unaware that their Captain is keeping a terrible secret in order to protect them.
Home Is Not A Place PG13 As Voyager reaches Earth, Kathryn receives a letter which seems to contain a warning that home may not be all she thought it would be. Entered in Picnic Prose 2004.
From Kathryn Janeway To Kathryn Janeway PG13 Kathryn receives a letter from her older self. Will she act on it before it’s too late? Entered in Picnic Prose 2004.
In The Still Of The Night PG13 Physically and emotionally drained, Chakotay relives the night he’s just spent in sickbay with Kathryn. Entered in Picnic Prose 2004.
The Cell PG13 Chakotay reflects on Kathryn's 'death'. Entered in Picnic Prose 2004.
Amber PG13 A short, silly moment between Kathryn and Chakotay. Entered in Picnic Prose 2004.
Once Were Warriors NC17 Chakotay has finally had enough and takes matters into his own hands. Written for 2004 Secret Santa on VAMB.
A Christmas Visit
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NC17 (Total smut) Kathryn gets a late night visit from Santa. Entered in Picnic Prose 2004.
The Best Gift Of All NC17 Kathryn discovers that the dreams you often thought lost may just have been misplaced. Written for 2005 Secret Valentine on VAMB.
Lean On Me NC17 *** Back on Earth, Chakotay gets a call from Voyager's Doctor that changes his life.
The Angel In My Teacup PG13 Sometimes, even when we get what we want, we still need a little help...
Shining Star PG13 This is what I call a double drabble and three quarters. A short piece where Chakotay reflects on the death of Captain Janeway.
Go To Bed Alone And Never Know His Name PG13 A short piece about loneliness and finding what's really important.
The Lines Of Life PG13 A short piece where Kathryn speaks to her mom upon her return to Earth. Entered in Picnic Prose.
Still The Music Sounds The Same PG13 A Halloween story set against the backdrop of getting home.
Haikus: Mistake & Seven PG13 Just had to have a go at these - although they're not 100% accurate with 17 syllables.
The Journey NC17 This is what was requested: "For this round I would prefer a J/C story set around the theme: In 'Endgame, the Admiral lied about the existence of a marriage – or even a relationship -- between Chakotay and Seven. Why? Any rating accepted but I like NC-17. Baby fic is fine but no C/7 (duh!) or male-dominated space faring societies. No heavy angst if possible." My contribution to Secret Spook 2005.
A Life Sentence NC17 Kathryn has to attend the engagement of Chakotay and Seven. Written for VAMB Secret Santa 2005.
Make Me Feel NC17 (Very NC17) This was my request - Would like - J/C Xmas story, NC-17, with the following things. Public singing comp, a lecherous barfly who's taking liberties with Kathryn's body, Chak to the rescue, mucho drunkenness from Janeway, (hence singing!) hot sex in an unusual position using some toys inc a glass vibrator!" This was the result. Written for VAMB Secret Santa 2005.
The Long Way Home NC17 This was my request - "As for details, (since people got really detailed last time round), I'd like a post Endgame story where J/C have to fight their way back to each other. She's with someone else, he's with Boobie Borg. Then Seven, the love sick Borg, gets her newfound emotions smashed to smithereens and Chakotay knocks Kathryn up. Angst is good. Romance is great. So is having sex behind Seven's back. Or in front of her face for that matter. Hell, tie her to a chair and make her watch. I don't care as long as the sex is hot hot hot. Oh yeah and Chakotay does a sexy strip tease for Kathryn. Did I mention this should be NC-17? That's all I want. :)" This was the result. Written for VAMB Secret Valentine 2006.
Home PG13 In her guilt, Kathryn makes a deal with Starfleet and accepts prison in return for her crew being pardoned. As they fight for her release, she sinks into a depression, refusing to see anyone. She underestimates her crew though. Written for VAMB Secret Valentine 2006.
Workout NC17. Pure PWP Smut Chakotay takes Kathryn to the gym for Valentine’s Day. What is he thinking? Written for VAMB Secret Valentine 2006.
Memories And Dreams PG13 Back on Earth, Chakotay gets a visitor who makes him face his past, a past where he turned his back on Kathryn when she needed him most. Now she needs him again. Can he get past his own pain and guilt in order to be there for her this time?
This is mainly an angst story but there are babies in there. I wouldn’t call it a babyfic but that’s your decision...
Therein Lies Peace NC17 Voyager has landed on a planet to undertake essential repairs. Showing no regard for her own safety during the work, Kathryn is badly hurt in a fall. Unable to take the pain of seeing her injured and almost losing her again, Chakotay pulls back in an attempt to protect himself. This was written for the Secret Steamy Summer 2006.
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning PG13 This is what was requested: Pairing: Kathryn Janeway / B'Elanna Torres - Explore the friendship that we didn't get to see on screen.
Squicks: Nothing depressing or character death.
First line of the story: After tossing and turning for what seemed like forever, Kathryn Janeway finally settled on her back, unable to sleep. This was written for the Secret Spook Ficlet 2006.
Hide And Seek. Found. NC17 This is what was requested:
"I'd like a fiddle, perhaps. From one of the really good fiddlers, if they are available. Very smutty ala Gilly or Gine-esque. Or a story...smutty, well done, preferably, COMPLETE, uh...I really like survival stories, always, ALWAYS first time sex, and never dead fic unless the death plays an integral role in getting a couple of other characters laid, of course. In that case, go ahead and snuff away! Baby fic, no, I don't think so. Drunk Janeway is okay, but not necessary, or drunk other characters...(sometimes it helps to loosen them up a bit!) Stick with J/C or J/P, please. Group sex only as a last resort and only if it's done tastefully.*cough*"
This was the result. This was written for Spring Fling 2007.
Because Of You... R for one reference First line given: 'Because of you...'
Chakotay gets a taste of his own medicine from Kathryn. This was written for Secret Drabble/Ficlet Nov. 2007.
Life And Death PG13 (one swear word) This is what was requested:
"I would like a story (more then one page) about a lowly crew member committing suicide on Voyager. Janeway feels it’s her fault and Chakotay tries to make her see differently. The darker the better!!! Please don't give me a cuddly Chakotay. I would rather a more stern version if you can."
And the result was... This was written for Secret Santa 2007.
The Sins Of The Father... NC17 *** This is what was requested:
"Just after arriving in the DQ, Janeway finds out she is pregnant. Everyone assumes it is Mark's child, and she allows this belief, but it turns out she was raped by someone she knew, possibly an Admiral (but not one she's really close to) just days before Voyager's departure. Although hurting terribly both mentally and physically, she determinedly covers up the rape and Voyager leaves on schedule. I'd love to see portrayal of the attack - it can be as graphic as needed. It need not be an overly 'baby-fic' story, I want the focus to be on J's ongoing trauma from the rape. I'd also like to see an early friendship develop with B'Elanna. Something happens that B'Elanna learns what has happened to Janeway - a panic attack on J's part perhaps, changing B'Elanna's outlook on Janeway. When they get to New Earth, the baby goes with them and so has to stay too. That is where she finally reveals the truth to Chakotay and he helps her overcome it - overall she'd just buried it to that point, not dealt with it. This can't be a 'magically all is better' story…I want it to be realistic (and preferable end J/C or the promise of J/C). Squicks - Death Fiction, unhappy ending, C acting like J is an invalid during pregnancy. Rating obviously up there because of the topic, Smut optional. :D"
And this is the result... This was written for Spring Fling 2008.
Prehensile NC17 Just an excuse for some sex and bondage. Starring our captain, THAT plant..and someone else...
There's A Place For Us R for occasional sexual references and the odd swear word. Back in the Alpha Quadrant, debriefings and parties over, Kathryn and her crew go their separate ways. Unable to settle and with her life empty, Kathryn struggles to find a purpose for herself and a place to feel really needed, totally unaware that most of her former crew are equally lost and unhappy. With the help of some new friends, she finds that purpose and a new life but then tragedy strikes, leaving her and her adopted 'home' and 'family' in dire need of help. Can the former Voyager crew come to their rescue before it's too late? And in doing so, can they also 'save' themselves and build a new life they can all share?